Visit Paris Antique Biennale With Editors See Piaget’s Latest Products

For most of our classmates in China, the ‘Biennale’ is still a relatively new exhibition. This exhibition is mainly used to display the highest level of contemporary visual arts exhibition activities. The main exhibition is an important exhibition showing the artistic achievements of various countries in the world. It is as important as the Olympics in the sports industry or the Oscars in the film industry. The difference is that not all biennials have awards.
  At present, the 26th Paris Biennale of Antiques (2012.9.14-2012.9.23) has been opened in the Grand Palais in Paris. There are a total of 150 exhibitors this time. Some of the top international jewelry brands and antique dealers will present 15 different types of products. It happened that I had classmates in the local area, so I was cheeky and asked the classmates to take some live reports for everyone. Since I was a female classmate, I liked jewelry more. Which netizen has more reports about the exhibition, welcome to post on our forum.

The famous Grand Palais

 ‘Lafayette’ venue designed by Karl Lagerfeld

Inside the stadium, people don’t look like a lot.

  The venue is not particularly large. We entered the venue and walked slightly to see the Earl’s showroom. Of course, we also saw brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Chanel, Cartier, etc., but I did not visit them.

Earl also exhibited some design works.

  Next we have to look at jewelry, this should be a series of jewelry. The necklaces, earrings, and watches that complement each other are all good. I like them.

This series of products does not have a watch, this style is honestly a bit unacceptable.

I like to say that sparkling diamonds and rose-shaped rubies are very effective.

  PVC models wear Piaget jewellery. If you are in the country, you need to find a beautiful beauty to be a model. Unfortunately, Piaget is useless. Why do I feel so awkward when I use PVC fake models? Fake models can’t show the aura of these jewels.

Still a model show, this looks like a mess.

This model always feels a bit scary.

In the last model photo, we can see Chanel’s signature from the glass reflection.

  Next we will start to watch watches. What kind of series does this belong to? I really don’t know which Piaget products these watches belong to.

Next we look at a complex Piaget, Piaget Emperador cushion watch series G0A35020.

  This is an 18K white gold diamond watch with perpetual calendar, flyback / reverse, date display and other complex functions. It has a large diameter of 46.5 and will be relatively expensive.
For more details see: style = ‘text-align: center;’> Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch G0A35020

  My friend also plucked up the courage to try it on, Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch Series G0A35020 watch. But it seems the effect is obviously not suitable for him.

  Next we saw another heavyweight product, worth 7.97 million yuan: Piaget Polo Watch Series G0A32148 watch

  My friend dared to try on such an expensive watch. This watch uses a Cal.608P manual winding movement, which can provide 72 hours of power reserve. The 47 mm large diameter is unknown. One can hold this watch.
For more details, please see: This watch is full of diamonds, and uses a 1270P automatic winding movement, which can provide a power reserve of 44 hours and a large diameter of 49 mm. With a movement thickness of only 5.5 mm, this beautiful watch provides powerful power, so you do not need to worry about the power of this watch.
For more details, please see: G0A37050 watch

This watch uses a diamond and hollow design, which has a great impact on the design. It also shows the level of craftsmanship of Piaget watches. The platinum case and diamonds show the elegance and luxury.
For more watch details, please see: Finally, a family portrait, each of which is a diamond watch is worth more than one million. The diamond watch not only reflects the high-end temperament of the watch, but also reflects the technical strength of a watch manufacturer from the side. We hope that Piaget Watches can make more fine watches and also pay more attention to the Chinese market.
  Summary: Due to the tight time, I can only provide you with so much information. Through this exhibition, as far as I know, there are some valuable collections brought by Wallace Chan, a well-known jewelry artist from Hong Kong, China. display. Among them, the Great Wall made of top emperor emerald stones is worth 560 million Hong Kong dollars. It can also be seen that the pursuit of the beauty of Chinese people with the improvement of living standards is getting higher and higher. We sincerely hope that we can develop more Better and better.