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Retro Preferred Silver Watch

The unforgettable silver color stands out in the strong retro trend. The downright metallic watch reflects the proud and independent gentleman’s character with its cold texture.

Downright metal watch
From left to right:
1. TAG HEUER Calibre 11 chronograph 60,000 yuan
腕表 This watch conveys a strong retro flavor, with a stainless steel folding buckle and a vintage ‘TAG Heuer’ logo printed on the front. A 42 mm diameter stainless steel polished case with a polished crown at 9 o’clock and a vintage ‘TAG Heuer’ logo on the surface.
2. CK select series automatic mechanical watch 5300 yuan
Only limited edition tailored for China, limited to 2500 pieces worldwide. The strap is made of 316L stainless steel, and the second hand is designed as ‘Chinese Red’ with Chinese characteristics. With the unique inner ring time scale and the automatic lettering at 3 o’clock.
3. CITIZEN Eco-Drive Global Multi-Regional Radio Controlled Watch 5500 Yuan
Follows the classic design concept of silver strap with dark dial, and can automatically receive local standard time proof no matter where it is. In addition, it also has multiple functions such as perpetual calendar, solar power saving, daylight saving time display, etc., with high cost performance.
4. RADO D-STAR series watch
Bracelet material uses the brand’s patented Ceramos titanium carbide ceramic material for the first time. This material is a combination of high-tech ceramics and metal. It is light and moist and can be adjusted with the skin temperature.

Elegant And Mysterious Taste Cartier Panthères Et Colibri ‘cheetah And Hummingbird’ On Demand Power Reserve Watch

As the first protagonist of Cartier’s animal world since 1914, when the cheetah was gorgeous, Cartier continued the mysterious aesthetic tradition of more than 100 years.

    In Cartier, the image and spirit of the cheetah are fully displayed. Whether figurative or abstract, the cheetah can always add femininity to Cartier’s works with a delicate and mysterious appearance. In the new Panthères et Colibri ‘Cheetah and Hummingbird’ on-demand power reserve watch, a cheetah is resting peacefully in the company of a hummingbird. Gently press the winding crown, a leopard will jump out of the mother’s arms, start the hummingbird to spread its wings and make a watch’s power reserve indicator: the new 9915 MC movement is displayed by the height of the hummingbird flying The remaining time of the chain.

   The decoration of the dial is also very simple and elegant: the black background is embellished with bright diamonds, and the soft weeds sway in the wind. The bezel is sparkling with diamonds, which contrasts subtly with the dial. The cheetah’s silhouette is three-dimensional, with fur and diamonds and black paint spots.

   The 2016 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon is a unique visual feast, showing people the charm of advanced watch technology, and I look forward to the watch group in front of the watch group to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

The ‘biggest’ Modified Rolex I’ve Ever Seen

Half a year ago, I shared an interesting watch with everyone, which is called ‘the world’s first Rolex with a tourbillon’. The case is completely black, and the dial, hands, scales, and luminous are all blackened. The overall appearance is very different from our common Rolex. A window opens at six o’clock on the dial. Inside the window is a tourbillon device that is constantly rotating. This watch is a third-party modified brand Label Noir based on the Rolex Milgauss 116400. On the original Cal.3131 movement, Label Noir removed 51 parts, modified 2 parts, and added 94 additional parts to achieve the tourbillon function. And this tourbillon is also a very valuable ‘flying tourbillon’. It is supported by ball bearings at the bottom and can rotate once per minute. In addition to the Rolex with tourbillon, there are actually modified versions of other functions on the bezel. The most famous of these is the perpetual calendar Rolex produced by the talented watchmaker Franck Muller. Rolex, Cartier, Lange and other big names have always supported young people’s watchmaking. The competition reward for the event is usually their own watch. Franck Muller, the founder of the watch brand Frank Muller, got a Rolex DayJust when he was young. After receiving the prize, he removed the original calendar component and changed it into a perpetual calendar as a gift to a friend. Previously, this Rolex with a perpetual calendar was auctioned publicly with a starting price of $ 70,000, but it was later sold and failed to sell. At present, this rare watch belongs to the famous American rapper JAY-Z. And yesterday, there was another Rolex watch with world-time function in the modification circle. It was produced by the Belgian modification brand Designa-individual-Watch based on the Rolex Sky-dweller. It is the most “powerful” modified Rolex I have ever seen! What many watch friends don’t know is that Rolex officially sold products with world-time functions, but only pocket watches. The emergence of Universal Time is due to the development of human transportation. Human beings need to coordinate the time of the two regions under the impetus of the steam engine. In 1931, Louis Cottier produced the first world time zone pocket watch, with a dial that can be rotated to display the local time in 24 time zones around the world. At that time, Louis Cottier set up a studio of his own, specializing in the design and production of complex and exotic watches, and then transferred them to major brands. For example, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin’s early world time pocket watches were produced in collaboration with Louis Cottier. In 1943, Rolex found Cottier and had its OEM produce six Rolex-branded world-time pocket watches. Six more were made in 1947/48, and a total of 12 were produced. These are very rare Rolex complications. Since Rolex already has a clock with world-time functions, Label Noir has also modified Rolex with a tourbillon, Franck Muller has already made a Date-Just with a perpetual calendar function, why is DiW the world time? Awesome ‘remodeled Rolex? The reason for the award is very simple, that is, DiW has changed to the complicated function in the simplest way! Skywalker is the most complicated timepiece launched in the history of the Rolex brand. It includes two functions: the annual calendar and GMT. At three o’clock on the dial is the calendar window. There are 12 small windows on the outer edge of the 12-hour scale for 12 months. When the window is red, it means months. For example, the time shown above is August 28. Then the dial also has a 24-hour graduated time circle, which corresponds to the red triangle on the dial, and you can know the specific time in the second time zone. For example, the above picture shows that it is 10 pm. DiW converted it into an annual calendar + world time, but in fact DIW did not unload the movement by eight pieces like Label Noir and Franck Muller, but only changed three dials, using the original 24-hour clock structure Let’s compare the world time. If you don’t consider the color, you can even change only one dial. This can not help but remind of a very hot paragraph. In order to solve the problem of empty boxes in a production line, a soap factory asked a graduate student in Tsinghua University to develop a set of high-tech tools for infrared detection of empty box robot arms to eliminate empty soap boxes. There is also a small factory that tells the workers to think of a way without this money, and if they can’t think of a way, they leave. Then the worker bought an electric fan ….. Although the implementation method is simple, DiW’s charges are not cheap. The public price of the steel Rolex Sky-dweller before the conversion was 110,000 yuan, and DiW became 210,000 after the conversion. Can only say ‘creativity is really valuable’! —END —