Waterproof Weapon Radar D-star200 Emperor 200 Series

RADO Swiss radar D-STAR 200 Emperor 200 series automatic mechanical watches ushered in 10 powerful new models to show its excellent waterproof performance, whether it is daily wear or participate in underwater Sport, the performance of the Swiss Rado D-STAR 200 Emperor 200 series are all impressive. Inspired by diving design, the Swiss Rado D-STAR 200 Series 200 watch is very eye-catching case design, this series is waterproof to 20 Bar. As the latest member of the RADO D-STAR series, the D-STAR 200 series watches not only have a completely new look, but also have precise Swiss automatic movements, non-wearing materials and never Compromised detail design. This new collection includes five chronograph watches and five classic three-hand models. For sports enthusiasts around the world, these watches are a must-have whether you’re wearing a diving suit or business dress.

Navigating New Waters

    With its excellent performance, the RADO D-STAR 200 Series 200 watch can lead the wearer to confidently explore new waters and open new horizons. The Swiss radar D-STAR series inherits from the brand’s first hard-wearing DiaStar series launched in 1962. It is elegantly interpreted with a new modern atmosphere. Under the curved sapphire crystal, the big three hands Dial with date display window with magnifying lenses. A variety of precise details design, to enhance the wearability and practicality of the watch to a new level, such as high-tech ceramic bracelet or rubber strap. Further charming details are displayed in the platinum and gold metal time scales, the unidirectional bezel embedded with high-tech ceramics and the rotatable anchor logo, and the Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement trademark.
Fashion vane

    Every RADO D-STAR 200 series has a unique personality. These include a dial that immerses itself in natural themes, sparkling in aqua blue, and a matching bezel. The brushed metal and polished stainless steel materials echo the nautical mood of this watch. Moving to land, another watch with shiny black elements and dazzling stainless steel structure is the ideal equipment for sports lovers. The most classic look is the elegant grey dial, black bezel and silver stainless steel strap. A variety of design styles, so that wearers can choose the right watch to control their own pace of life, and never get lost in the boundless sea.