Zenith Launches Defy El Primero Fusée Tourbillon Limited Watch

Zenith launched the DefyElPrimero Fusée Tourbillon watch. The new watch is equipped with the ElPrimero4805SK manual winding movement. This movement follows the avant-garde structure of the Defy movement and presents a hollow three-dimensional effect. The new watch is available in carbon fiber (model: 10.9000.4805 / 78.R916) and platinum (model: 40.9000.4805 / 75.R582).

   At a glance, the DefyFusée Tourbillon movement is distinctive and easy to recognize. The design of the bridge spokes is further enlarged by a two-tone retouching. The top of the satin retouching is blackened and the polished edges are light gray rhodium. The layout of the bridge board makes the settings of various functions and complex functions more balanced. In the upper part of the movement, you can admire the unique sesame chain perpetual motion mechanism. The mechanism consists of 575 individually hand-assembled parts, with a bold blue treatment, setting a precedent. At the other end of the 6 o’clock position, the tourbillon frame is newly constructed and equipped with an eccentric balance wheel, which rotates once every 60 seconds. Like the sesame chain, the tourbillon frame presents a striking blue finish, enhancing the visual effect of Defy Fusée Tourbillon’s unique moving parts. The power reserve display is located at 4 and 5 o’clock on the edge of the dial, and is indicated by a pointer with a red tip. This function is very useful when manually winding the watch. The DefyElPrimero Fusée Tourbillon watch has a 50-hour power reserve.

   By combining the sesame chain mechanism and the tourbillon speed control mechanism, Zenith will accurately push the brand to the forefront of the unique understanding of fine watchmaking. The DefyElPrimero Fusée Tourbillon watch highlights its unique technical and aesthetic strength and is produced in two different versions.

   The first version features a lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber case, crown and buckle. The carbon fiber finishes even extend to the skeleton dial, with the center element and edge tracks exuding the unique luster of this material. The watch is paired with a black rubber strap with a Cordura fabric dial and blue stitching for a high-tech look. In addition, the watch offers a second black rubber strap with a woven carbon fiber effect. DefyElPrimeroFusée Tourbillon watch carbon fiber edition limited edition of 50 pieces.

   The second version is made of platinum and is limited to only 10 pieces. The exposed movement provides a lively and broad field of vision: from the smoke-grey bottom plate, to the blue sesame chain and tourbillon frame, to the two-color geometric bridge plate, the fusion of materials and hue enhances the visual depth. This watch comes with a black alligator leather strap lined with black rubber.

   Although each version will attract different types of visionary watch enthusiasts, one thing is certain: the DefyElPrimero Fusée Tourbillon watch cements Zenith’s position as the future leader in shaping the watchmaking industry. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)